Barefoot Transition Examples

This page shows a selection of horses and hooves that have successfully transitioned to a sound Barehoof. The comparisons illustrate our motivation to focus on a Lifetime of Soundness by developing a hoof that is sustainably sound.

Examples of longitudinal De-Contraction

Many hooves are significantly distorted. When closly looking at the horn tubules (orange lines below), one can see how they are usually curved forward and/or converging between heel and toe. When the hoof receives correct hoof care, the distorted horn tubules loose this distortion and grow in more correctly again. They run a lot more parallel to each other.

This type of wall distortion is accompanied by coronet distortion (green contour). A hoof with distorted wall will have an upwards curved coronet. The hoof wall correction and coronet relaxation accompanies each other.

10-Year Comparison of Underrun Heel Hoof

Very underrun heels and a lot of wall and coroent deformation at the beginning. 10 years later, still a hoof with great integrity.

Founder Rehabilitation and Coronet Distortion

Coronet Distortion

Bulb Distortion

Severely Underrun Heels and Quarter Flares