Holistic Hoofcare Foundation Seminar

(Info on Hosting a Seminar)

  • Horse keeping, Hooves, Healing – What connections are there?
  • What is the anatomical make-up of a hoof and how does it function?
  • How do you recognise Founder and Heel Pain, even Navicular Syndrome? What causes it and how do you address it?
  • How do you feed your horse correctly?
  • How do you recognise a healthy horse?
  • What living conditions does a horse need to stay healthy?

In this seminar you will get answers to the above and more, based on scientific research over many decades. On the practical day you will get an overview of this non-invasive hoofcare approach.

Instructed by Thorsten Kaiser of the Institute for Barefoot Equine Management.

In the Theory part you will learn about the holistic approach of keeping your horse healthy, or get it back to health. In other words, you learn about the three holistic columns: structural, emotional, and metabolic health. Topics covered are:

  • Anatomy and Physiology
  • Functional Anatomy
  • Hoof Functions
  • Transition to Barefoot
  • Effects of Shoeing and Contraction
  • Optimal Boarding Conditions  

The practical parts will focus on the application of maintenance trimming a hoof as taught in in the thoery part. This is done through non-invasive trimming techniques on cadaver hooves and illustrative dissections. The instructor will also do a demo trim and assessment on a horse.

Please note, it is not realistic to learn barefoot hoof care in a couple of days and then apply it to a horse – which potentially does not even have healthy feet at this point in time. We recommend to contact a professional to be guided, or consider our Professional’s Course.

Use this link to see recommended reading and trimming tools.