• horse is a living organism with needs - not a machine
  • holistic: considers entire organims and how organism is affected by the environment
  • logical, science-based, proven approaches to care
  • open to new methods but must meet stringent assessment
  • longterm soundness (15+ years), not quick fixes
  • identify and remove the cause(s)
  • believes in the body's ability to heal itself
Outside-The-Box Management
(box: conventional management in stall or small confinement)
  • herdlife
  • resting places in the open, i.e. no confinement
  • freedom of movement at all times
  • varied diet and continuous uptake - no starvation
  • feeding from ground level
  • natural shelter
  • direct ground contact of hooves, i.e. no bedding or shoes
  • parasite management through:
    1. pasture rotation
    2. building a strong immune system
    3. herbal dewormer
    4. garlic and Apple Cider Vinegar in daily feeds
    5. no overstocking of pasture
    6. manure management (remove or harrow)
Lifetime-Of-Soundness Hoofcare
  • Articles - various articles by Dr. Hiltrud Strasser
  • Flyers - downloadable flyers with info on Natural Horse and Hoofcare
Extended-Stride Riding
Body Work
  • Neurolink - NEUROLINK's philosophy is rooted in the neurophysiological principle that the brain governs optimum function of all the bodysí systems. Unless the neurology (brain) is communicating appropriately with the physiology (body) a patient will never have complete wellness or recovery.

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