Thorsten has been trimming my horses for over 10 years. In that time I have grown to appreciate his skill and understanding of hoof structures and anatomy. He has the ability to see things most of us wouldn’t in horse discomfort and movement, and the gift of being able to help the horse get comfortable again. His horsemanship and horse handling is second to none, as evident in how my horses behave when he trims their hooves.
He is constantly upskilling and is good at passing his wealth of knowledge to slow minded people like me, with patience and a few laughs thrown in for good measure.
I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Thorsten to anyone serious about changing the life of their horse, to ensure many years of better health and soundness to a good old age. Think soundness. Think Thorsten.

– Jeanie, Swannanoa

I had an excellent online consultation/coach session with Thorsten, highly recommend. The information is eye opening 🙂 If you need some advise on your horses hoof this is a really easy way to get excellent knowledgeable help. Thank so much.

– Jo Wilson

I contacted Thorsten when my gelding had hoof issues. His frog had almost completely collapsed. Barefoot trimming has made a huge improvement not only to the structure of my horses hooves but also in their movement and general well-being. Thorsten has now been trimming my horses for over 10 years.

– Jan, Mandeville