Easyboot Fury Heart Straps – Impressions

Just how easy/hard is it to fasten those straps?

I have to admit, when I first had the new Easyboot Fury Heart boots in my hand, naturally, I tried to fasten the straps in the front – to my surprise, it was quite tricky. My first impression was, wow, if I as a practitioner struggle with this already, how are customers going to get on with this?

But then, it all changes when the boot is actually on the hoof. The moment you have a horse stand in the boot, fastening those straps couldn’t be any easier. I couldn’t believe the difference. I got my wife to do up the boots – same result, she thought it was quite easy to do.

See the video below to get an idea of what I mean:

Fastening Easyboot Fury Straps

The boot itself is quite easy to apply and remove from the hoof.

  • Basically, select the size for the width of the hoof,
  • then adjust the heel length specificly to the hoof,
  • lift the foot and tighten the screws underneath.
  • Check the heel strap height position and adjust if needed, e.g. to accommodate a club foot
  • Fasten the straps in the front.
  • Then take it for a test ride or inhand walk to see if the settings are good.
  • When happy with the settings, take the boot off and take out the bottom screws one at a time and apply some locktite, then screw it back in and tighten. Basically, this prevents the screws from accidentially coming undone and loosen the fit.
  • Depending on the length setting you end up with, there might be excess boot extending past the heel strap. Simply take a sharp hoof knife and cut off the excess to have a nice flush finish.

So, final impressions are that the boot is quite practical and simple to work with. Definitely a great tool to have.

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