Online Coaching – Pre-requisite Modules

In order to assist your online coaching and make the use of time more efficient, it is important to establish and refresh a few concepts. With those in place the coaching sessions can focus more on trimming discussions rather than establishing concepts.

Currently contains 9 modules with video support.

This module assumes you have received some previous hoofcare training and have been trimming in the field for some time. (please provide evidence)

This module is also suitable to HHP’s who have not been to a Continuing Education for some time.


“Professional in the holistic hoofcare in France since 10 years, I asked IBEM for help because I felt regressed in my work and I had more and more misunderstanding with certain hoof deformations.

I am very satisfied because the courses are very rich, complete, detailed. Responses to emails are always quick and accurate. And coaching online are a big help, it’s a real chance. I am impressed with the quality of IBEM’s work and thrilled to feel new progress around my horses.

I will continue to refer to IBEM. The knowledge provided on the equine hoofs is incredible and the horses really have a comfortable locomotion. A huge thank you to IBEM. You have great respect for horses.”


HHC – Practicals

This course contains assignments and info related to the practical sessions of the HHC course.