Holistic Hoofcare Professional (HHP)

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Duration: 2 semester

Building on the HHC course, the 2-semester HHP course is intended for people who would like to work in the field as a hoofcare professional. This course now focuses on the HOW problems get addressed and corrected.

The profession of HHP constitutes a unique, holistic approach to equine health care, especially in the area of lameness prevention and healing, and offers this in a non-invasive approach. The HHP learns how to transition a hoof to a healthy and sustainable hoof in an efficient manner.

While an HHP is not a veterinarian, and does not perform veterinary activities, they are individuals with profound knowledge of hoof anatomy and physiology, the causes of hoof problems and lameness, and the correct method of trimming a hoof to restore or maintain physiological hoof shape and functions. The HHP understands the complicated interactions of the hoof with the horse as a whole, and the effects that hoof problems and diseases can have on the entire organism.