Hosting a Seminar

If you would like a 2-day Seminar to come to you, you have the possibility to host a seminar at your place and attend for free.

What is needed?

  • If you know of six or more people who are keen to attend, then that is usually (depending on location) the minimum number of people needed. The Host will attend for free.
  • Do a bit of local advertising in shops, feed stores, saddlery, etc.
  • Have a cozy location that seats the number of people attending. Your lounge or game room is fine, or the local hall, etc.
  • Provide a large TV to use as projector screen, or have a white wall space to project on to. In the latter case we’ll bring a projector.
  • Have an area where we can trim hooves and a horse. Sheltered is best in case it rains or we need to be in the shade.
  • Organise and provide morning and afternoon tea, plus lunch for instructor.
  • Host the instructor, or alternatively, have 2 more attendees and assist instructor with finding accommodation.

We will deal with the registration process and the payments, so you don’t have to worry abou that part.

Contact us if interested so we can organise a date. Plan ahead, usually we need a couple of months lead-in time.