The Wild Horse Research Team Seminar – January 2010

The Wild Horse Research Team is headed by world renowned equine foot researcher Professor Chris Pollitt of the Australian Equine Laminitis Research Unit. Brian Hampson is a PhD scholar in this team and handles the day to day work, including data collection, processing and presentation.

People who participated and enjoyed this seminar included vets, farriers, hoofcare professionals, and horse owners interested in the latest hoof and feral horse research.

C Pollit and B Hampson answering questions at a Seminar in January, 2010

Following topics got covered:

  • Our current understanding of foot anatomy
  • Current trends in laminitis pathogenesis and management
  • The 3D hoof seen through CT studies
  • The film: “The desert brumby” (see link below)
  • History and habitat of feral horses in Australia and New Zealand
  • Foot form and structure of Australian and New Zealand feral horses
  • Domestic and feral horse GPS studies
  • Pathology of the Kaimanawa and Australian feral horse
  • Sole depth in domestic and feral horses
  • The brumby swap experiment
  • Are feral horses born with modified feet?

Proceeds went towards this research.

The Desert Brumby, by Chris Pollitt and Brian Hampson