Holistic Hoofcare Certificate (HHC) – Class 2023

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Semester 1 – 2022: March – June

Semester 2 – 2022 July – November

This course is intended for people who would like to develop a more in-depth knowledge (than just a couple of weekend seminars) on horses hooves and learn how to look after hooves holistically rather than symptomatically, but are not necessarily interested in making this their career. Split over two semester blocks, it is delivered in a mixture of online learning, weekly online meetings, and practical sessions (2 x 2 day and 1×4 day. Held in North Canterbury. For international students, if travel allows, this can be consolidated into one block of eight days).

The primary focus of this course will be on the WHAT is going on in the hoof and WHY certain aspects are a problem to the hoof and the horse.

To do so, the HHC course covers the essentials in hoof anatomy, morphology, and function, but also focuses on the basic nature of the horse and its physiological and psychological needs for health, soundness, and longevity. You will learn which conditions must be present in a horse’s lifestyle for it to be healthy, and which conditions are harmful, including improper rider interaction.

This course is a prerequisite to the professionals’ course (HHP). The HHP course will focus on the HOW problems get addressed and corrected.

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You will gain understanding of the following:

  • the make-up of the hoof
  • the function of the hoof
  • what a correct hoof looks like
  • what happens when the hoof capsule deviates from the correct shape
  • how to maintain a healthy hoof
  • how to trim a healthy hoof
  • the impact of the hoof to the rest of the horse
  • riding with the horse’s anatomy
  • Natural Boarding

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