Stance and Conformation

While conformational issues are real problem in the horse world, unfortunately for the horse, in many cases this is confused with compensation.

Compensation is when the horse chooses a standing and/or movement pattern, which allows it to exist in the least painful manner. Removing the pain source will allow the horse to return to a physiologically correct standing and/or movement pattern.

It is the job of a Holistic Hoofcare Professional to identify whether or not this pain source is hoof related, and if so, remove the cause.

Horse Stance

Horse on the left, 19yo, has been “barefoot” trimmed for years. On the right, the same horse 15 months later, after we have worked on its hooves. Before, the horse was grass restricted and kept in smaller paddocks, now he has more grass access and the ability to move more. Note how much more relaxed the shoulder and whole body has become.

Heel First Landing