Online Coaching

We offer the options below to help you improve your hoof knowledge.

Hoof Analysis

We offer a Hoof Analysis for you where you can find out whether or not your horse’s hooves have any issues. If there are, we will talk you through what is needed to address them. Once you have uploaded your photos, Thorsten (Hoofcare Instructor) will mark up the photos you provided and comment on them.

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Holistic Hoofcare – Theory Modules

We run an annual 2-semester Holistic Hoofcare Certificate course (theory and practical). This course runs from March to November each year.

If you are simply interested in upgrading your knowledge on Holistic Hoofcare, the theory part can be done as a stand-alone module at your own time, without the practical parts. See this link for more info.

Professionals’ Online consultation and coaching

We offer an Online Coaching service that is intended for people who trim horses professionally.

If you have questions or concerns, why the hooves are not progressing any further, or even regress, or you are dealing with a certain pathology for the first time, then this service is for you.

You provide photos or videos of the hooves and Thorsten Kaiser (Holistic Hoofcare Instructor) will have a look at the material and then have a video call with you at a mutually suitable time.

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