Hoof Assessment

We offer a Hoof Analysis for you where you can find out whether or not your horse’s hooves have any issues. If there are, we will talk you through what is needed to address them. Once you have uploaded your photos, Thorsten will mark up the photos you provided and comment on them.

If you would like a more detailed coaching session, please consider our Online Hoof Consultation/Coaching.

Either way, to get a good overview of the hooves, we need following photos (please upload to an online storage and send us the link:

  • side view of the horse
  • all 4 hooves taken at hoof level (this means you have to kneel down)
    • side view including a good part of the cannon bone, on ground that allows clear view of hoof
    • front view, on ground that allows clear view of hoof
    • sole view in the air
    • bulb view in the air, slightly angled so you can see the tip of the frog
  • x-rays if available

Anything else we need to know about the horse or hooves, let us know that, too.