20-yo Stance Improvement

I have covered this topic in a previous post, so this post is adding another example of what difference appropriate hoofcare can make.

The horse shown on the left is 19yo and has been “barefoot” trimmed for years. I have put the word barefoot in quotes to make a point about the difference between no shoes and non-functioning-hoof-style “barefoot”, which I refer to as un-shod, and barefoot that focuses and leads to functioning and comfortable hooves and horse. The latter is what is taught in our courses.

On the right, the same horse 15 months later, with me working on his hooves. Note how much more relaxed the shoulder and whole body has become. Overall, the horse looks a lot less hunched up and the owner reports the horse is very forward going when being ridden.

Before I started on this horse, he was grass-restricted to nearly no grass and kept in smaller paddocks. He now has more grass access and the ability to move more.

While this post is highlighting the stance difference, have a brief look at the hooves. You can notice how the front hooves are less upright now, while the hind hooves are no longer tilted backward, aka no longer have a negative plantar angle.

More examples can be found here.

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